ForeverChasing.com strives to offer weather enthusiasts a look at the fury and beauty that nature has to offer!

Each spring, our team roams Tornado Alley in search of the most extreme and the most picturesque weather on earth.  Working with the National Weather Service as well as our media partners, we give reports from the field that may save lives.  Real-time storm information can make the difference between life and death in the most dangerous situations.

Whether we are chasing a large, dangerous tornado or a rainbow, we make the most out of each situation.  We truly do “chase whatever nature has to offer.”

This year, we are very excited to be collaborating with friend and fellow chaser, Travis Farncombe, from Highways & Hailstones, so stay tuned for updates!

When Mother Nature warrants the threat of severe weather, we offer Live video feeds from our dash cam as well as professional-grade photography shots. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality with our videography and photography, while keeping the public informed and safe from harms way.

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