Blackwell, Oklahoma Large Hail May 9, 2016

Monday, May 9 2016 looked like a good day for a chase, but work commitments kept us local.  The bigger show appeared to be in Central/Southern Oklahoma, but we couldn’t depart from Wichita until late afternoon.

Part of the Forever Chasing team went with the iWeatherNet team into Central Kansas.  Check out their chase log here:  May 8th and 9th Central Plains Storm Chases

We dropped south to a severe storm near Blackwell, Oklahoma.  Just as we approached the storm, the National Weather Service in Norman put a Tornado Warning on the storm.

The storm rotated for about 10 minutes before the rotation fell apart.  Soon after, we noted on KVNX-Vance AFB Radar that the hail size was increasing in this Supercell.  We watched as the storm approached, watching the hail core get closer and closer.  When it was about a mile west of our location, we could hear the hail shredding leaves as the “hail roar” got louder.  I saw one large piece of hail fall near our location and we quickly retreated south.

Unfortunately, we didn’t retreat south as quickly as we should have, and our windshield took the brunt of a tennis ball sized hailstone.  Watch the full chase below.


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